S5 is now open(10/04/2021).
For old serer donators, you will have half amount of previous donation money, transfer $0.01 AUD to Paypal donation link, and in message write down your old server, login name and request reward ID.
EG. If you donated $20 at old S3 and you can have $10 , you only need transfer $0.01 and write in message (S3, Loginname, $10 Yuan).
老区1-4区充值VIP可以转区到S5, 获得半价充值点数, 例如你有100点充值点, 你就可以在新区得到$50, 这个钱可以直接用来买东西.转区不包括数据, 所有数据从0开始.老区账号会被禁用. 转账0.01告诉我你要转区 附赠你得ID和服务器ID

S3-S5 apk